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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Oh No He Didn't!!!

Al Qaeda #2, Ayman Al Zawahiri calls President Obama a "house negro."

During the recording, al-Zawahiri issued a message to U.S. President-Elect Obama, warning him of the "heavy legacy of failure and crimes [which] awaits you" and accusing Obama of having the "same criminal American mentality towards the world and towards the Muslims" as the Bush administration. Zawahiri added, "in you, and in Colin Powell, Rice, and your likes, the words of Malcolm X (may Allah have mercy on him) concerning 'House Negroes' are confirmed.

How insensitive! How hateful!

You know, they were kinda ambivalent on the whole September 11th thing but now... the Left is gonna forget about the Prop 8 proponents and go all jihad on AQ's ass!


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