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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Say Hello To My Little... Uh, Energy Drink

Well, this blows. The FDA is trying to prevent Redux frommarketing an energy drink using the name "Cocaine" because it glamorizes illegal drug use. The FDA issued a warning to Redux that it considered the drink illegal, saying it was being marketed as an alternative to an illegal street drug and making claims to treat or cure disease. Who's the FDA trying to kid here? Have they ever heard of a little soft drink called Coke? Are they trying to protect people looking to score a little Bolivan marching powder from accidently buying the drink because they are too stoned to realize that the Qwik-E-Mart doesn't stock cans of drinkble nose candy?

I like the cheekiness of Redux for sure:

We tried to contact Yves Saint Laurent to warn them that Opium perfume could be next, but they were too busy enjoying the freedom of expression guaranteed by the US Constitution -- a freedom we here at Redux, sadly, lack."

The company's website was recently revised, with the page normally offering sales of the beverage covered with a black band saying "Banned by The Man."

This seems like real nanny state type stuff and a waste of government resources. I don't know why the FDA doesn't stick to what it does best, getting erectile dysfunction drugs to the market.


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