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Friday, April 20, 2007

Doc-tor O-Dwy-er...

Why does Kid Various think that he'll soon see this image on T-shirts? Trust Kiddy V. - in 20 years, this schmuck will be splayed on the mid-sections of college students like that other mass murderer, Che Gueverra.

The Kid has listened to this guy's rantings and, as a political professional, come to this conclusion. He's a really bad spokesperson for his cause. He really could have benefitted from some training in message communication techniques. As it stands, Kid Various doesn't really have any idea as to what his message was; except it had something to do with getting over on the rich kids.

So really, he might have just been trying to remake the movie Meatballs - but with Glocks.

We don't have anything new to note about this whole, seriously effed up situation. There's all sorts of things that have been said; about why this happened, why no one did anything about a kid carrying around a blinking neon sign above his head reading "dangerous psychotic," and the whole hoo-hah about NBC broadcasting his snuff manifesto.

But the best thing we have read is this piece by Mark Steyn which asks the question, "Why did people allow themselves to be slaughtered?" How has our society come to this? It permeates everything in our society from this incident to the War. When are we going to learn that no one is going to save us? That we have to stand up and confront evil - even if it means great personal risk to ourselves?


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