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Monday, March 05, 2007

Virtual Jihadi

Virtual Jihadis training in Second Life? An interesting post from

Streaming video can be uploaded into Second Life and a scenario can easily be constructed whereby an experienced terrorist bomb-maker could demonstrate how to assemble bombs using his avatar to answer questions as he plays the video. Using the decentralized organization effect, already successfully used by SL companies, the bomb-maker and his pupils can be spread around the globe and using instant language translation tools (available in the world) could be speaking a variety of languages.

A fascinating concept. But The Kid wouldn't think it poses any more danger than the Internet itself. It's not like you can't use streaming video outside 2L.

Besides, the lag in 2L is so great the jihadis would probably blow themselves up out of frustration first.

Besides, maybe you can use 2L to virtually train jihadis and launder money between terrorist organizations. But you can also use it to hang out on the bridge of the Enterprise!

Set phasers on COOL, baby!


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