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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Nancy Pelosi... SUPERGEEENIUS!

Nancy Pelosi has opened the door to talk about endless investigations of the Bush Administration should the House go Democrat, and John Dickerson from Slate slams her with our favorite idiom for self-destruction.

...It is important to investigate the ways the Bush administration has used and abused its executive power, but it is much more important not to talk about those investigations when you're trying to launch your policy agenda. It's unbelievably tactically stupid. Perhaps Pelosi couldn't have stayed completely mum on the topic, but she could have given some bland answer about Congress needing to play its oversight role and then returned to her positive agenda items. (She tried to backtrack on Meet the Press and failed.) Republicans, and Karl Rove in particular, want to paint Democratic leaders as cartoon Ahabs fixated on taking down George Bush, so why would you promise that you're going to turn the House into the Pequod?


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