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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Freedom Is On The March!

Let's see them blow off President Bush now!

There are no cars, roads or dentists and the only ambulance is a converted tractor, but Sark — a tiny self-governing island in the English Channel — embraced the modern world Wednesday, when legislators voted to swap its feudal government for democracy.

Jeez, who even knew there was country named Sark?

Of course, like the aging Marxists in Academe, not everyone is happy with the rise of Liberty

"Feudalism is a great system and has worked very well for the island. What people wanted was an option of no change at all," resident Jennifer Cochrane said by telephone from her island home.

Man, talk about being behind the times. Like 500 years. No matter, maybe she can market red T-shirts with Richard the Lionheart on them or something to sell to gullible college students.


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