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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Just Bad All Around

This page creeps Kid Various out tremendously.

It gives you a map of any are in the U.S. and highlights where all the registered sex offenders live. How creepy is that? That you can look into the darkest secrets of the people living all around you. That you can never escape from your past? As an American, Kid Various feels wigged out by people having this sort of power.

But it's also creepy on a whole different level. That being that Kid Various is surrounded by child sex offenders!!! Oral copulation with a minor under 14 years old? Ugh! Skeevy!!! And these are only the people who are actually caught and processed! What the hell is wrong with people??? It's utterly fightening.

So basically, this thing is bad all around.

It would have been better had Kid Various just never run across this page...


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