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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Kid Various' Recent DVD Purchases

Kid Various recently had the opportunity to purchase a number of excellent DVD's:

  1. The Battleship Potemkin - by Sergei Eisenstein
  2. Alexander Nevsky - by Sergei Eisenstein
  3. Ivan the Terrible Part I - by Sergei Eisenstein
  4. Ivan the Terrible Part II - by Sergei Eisenstein
  5. Earth - by Alexander Dovzhenko
  6. The End of St. Petersburg - by Vsevolod Pudovkin
  7. The Man Who Laughs - by Paul Leni
  8. The Testament of Dr. Mabuse - by Fritz Lang
  9. Meet John Doe - by Frank Capra
  10. Triumph of the Will - by Leni Riefenstahl
Can you feel the film school magic?

Oh yes! Can you see The Kid now? Sitting in a cafe in the Village, donned in black turtleneck, smoking clove cigarettes and making liberal use of the term "mise-en-scene."

Go back to the megaplex and gorge yourself on Stealth you cretins!


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