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Monday, March 07, 2005

They Probably Put the Toilet Seat Down Too

Some people think that being gay is a choice, or a product of bad parenting. This view has always puzzled Kid Various as none of the gay people he has known have chosen to be gay. Really, who would choose that headache? In any case, a mountain of evidence is being compiled that homosexuality is a matter of genetics.

The latest piece of the puzzle? Yes, gay men are just as bad at reading maps as women are.Hat
tip Mind Hacks

Homosexual men share the same relatively poor map reading skills as heterosexual women, according to a study.

Earlier research found men better than women at finding their way around a "virtual reality" maze, relying on geometric cues while women rely more on landmarks.
No word on whether gay men are more likely to actually stop the freakin' car and just ask for directions...


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