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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The Love That Dare Not Bark Its Name

And speaking of weird searches, now you can buy Bruce Bagemihl's tome Biological Exuberance : Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity, which is nearly 800 pages of that tpic that you cannot get enough of Gay Animal Sex!

Throw this book into the middle of a crowd of wildlife biologists and watch them scatter. But Bagemihl doesn't let the scientific community's discomfort deny him the opportunity to show "the love that dare not bark its name" in all its feathery, furry, toothy diversity. The second half of this hefty tome is filled with an exhaustive array of species that exhibit homosexuality, complete with photos and detailed scientific illustrations of the behaviors described.

[BEAVIS] heh.heh.heh.heh.heh. He said "illustration."

Published by "Stonewall Inn Editions."

Funny, I wasn't familiar with the Stonewall's zoological research branch.

Young zoology grad students discuss their research...


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