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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Stone Oliver (cont'd)

And you know, I was highly saddened by how bad "Alexander" was. Although I didn't get to see it, the reviews over at Rotten Tomatoes were shockingly awful. Money review:

Alexander is not just bad. It's 'Springtime for Hitler' bad.

Because Oliver may be a whacked out, leftist conspiracy theorist - but he makes damn good movies. Truly, most of his work is compelling. I think he's our greatest living director. Of course he missed out on the big conspiracy.

Check out the scene in Nixon, where he is in the hotel room with his advisors on election night in 1960. Despite evidence of fraud he chooses not to pursue a recount, because after all, as Murray Chotiner says, "Dick, they stole it fair and square."

How could Stone not pick up on the fact that this was a diabolical plot to set a precedent that rob John Kerry of his rightful victory 44 years later?!


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