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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Who Lost Ohio? Nixon!

Displaying admirable tenacity, the never say die wing of the Tin-foil Hat Brigade has now happened upon this tactic for showing the world that the recent re-election of the President was illegitimate because they know that fraud in Ohio tainted the outcome. (How do they know this? Their evidence is clear - their candidate did not win. Duh.)

Today, Rep. John Conyers, Defender of the Little People, is going to issue a challenge of the Ohio electors' votes during the joint session of Congress that will certify the votes of the Electoral College. According to the rules of the session, if a U.S. Senator also issues a protest, the joint session will stop, and each house will go to their respective chambers for a two hour debate on the merits of the challenge.

In doing this, Conyers, et al hope to shed light on the "massive voting irregularities" that supposedly marred the Ohio vote. (No need to mention that a recount in Ohio instigated by both the Libertarian and Green parties netted Kerry a mere 300+ votes where Bush's plurality was over 119,000)

But interesting is a quote from this article by Jesse Jackson, President of the People's Republic of Himself.

Conyers, Reid and Kerry will face harsh criticism for violating what might be called the Nixon precedent. When Kennedy beat Nixon by a few thousand votes in an election marked by irregularities in Illinois and Texas, Nixon chose not to challenge the result. Gore essentially followed that rule after the gang of five in the Supreme Court disgraced themselves by stopping the vote count in Florida. But the effect of the Nixon precedent is to provide those who would cheat with essentially a free pass. Particularly when the state officials are partisans, they can put in the fix with little fear of exposure so long as they win.

I know that all the evils of modern politics can be traced back to Richard Nixon, but, wow, did I underestimate him.

I merely thought that in the 1960 election, Nixon sought to spare the nation a wrenching legal circus ala 2000. Little did I know it was part of his long term evil plan to deprive the Democrats of their rightful offices.

Truly a dark genius.

UPDATE: Sen. Barbara Boxer is signing on to the challenge, so the 2 hour debate will go forward.


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