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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Counter-Enlightenment Morons

Wait, you can't be bothered to take an inexpensive pill once a day that will halve your chance of getting prostate cancer. AND it'll also grow your hair back? What are you, a fucking moron? Can Kid Various have your share?

Take prostate cancer, the second-most commonly diagnosed cancer in the United States, surpassed only by easily treated skin cancers. More than 192,000 cases of it will be diagnosed this year, and more than 27,000 men will die from it.

And, it turns out, there is a way to prevent many cases of prostate cancer. A large and rigorous study found that a generic drug, finasteride, costing about $2 a day, could prevent as many as 50,000 cases each year. Another study found that finasteride’s close cousin, dutasteride, about $3.50 a day, has the same effect.

Nevertheless, researchers say, the drugs that work are largely ignored. And supplements that have been shown to be not just ineffective but possibly harmful are taken by men hoping to protect themselves from prostate cancer.

And this:

Others, like Cecilia Anderson, who is 57 and lives in Houston, worry about side effects. “I felt like my quality of life was in question,” she said. “I am busy, I am out there. I totally love my life and don’t want it to be compromised.” Her lifetime risk of breast cancer is 20.5 percent, compared with an average risk of 9.8 percent for a woman her age. Ms. Anderson declined the drugs. “I live a different lifestyle,” she said. “I eat organic foods, I exercise. Through all of that comes a spiritual element as well. Mind, body, and spirit are all connected.”
Ms. Anderson, and The Kid says this in the nicest possible way, is a fucking idiot. She's "so busy" that she can't find time to pop a pill in the morning with her useless organic ginseng root tea? She's a raving apopheniac! Mind, body, and spirit are not connected! And your mind and spirit aren't going to help you out when your body starts its epic fail lady.

And the worst part is, as the article notes, drug companies are thinking twice about developing preventive drugs because people don't use them. So the Counter-Enlightenment nonsense is depriving Kid Various of extremely important preventative treatments.

And it is Counter-Enlightenment nonsense, because it's not laziness. You'll note that these idiots can find the time to ingest useless saw palmetto root extract but don't like to take "drugs." Because "drugs" are not "natural" and therefore dangerous.

The Kid is surrounded by idiots!

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