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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Nazis... pshaw!

Wait a minute... Did Al Gore just compare global warming to the Axis threat in World War II?

We, the human species, are confronting a planetary emergency — a threat to the survival of our civilization that is gathering ominous and destructive potential even as we gather here. But there is hopeful news as well: we have the ability to solve this crisis and avoid the worst — though not all — of its consequences, if we act boldly, decisively and quickly.

However, despite a growing number of honorable exceptions, too many of the world's leaders are still best described in the words Winston Churchill applied to those who ignored Adolf Hitler's threat: "They go on in strange paradox, decided only to be undecided, resolved to be irresolute, adamant for drift, solid for fluidity, all powerful to be impotent.

This is totally out of control!

Climate change is a serious issue with effects that will have to be dealt with, but let's get a sense of proportion shall we?

The irony being that we are involved in a struggle that threatens to quell the upward trend of human progress worldwide and drag us down into a new dark age. And guess what? The adversary is not global warming!

Our ability to totally distract ourselves from real, painful problems with trivialities knows no bounds.


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