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Monday, July 02, 2007

Paragons of Journalism Not Interested

Civilian deaths in Baghdad down significantly in June.

Unofficial figures compiled by McClatchy Newspapers' show 189 Iraqis, including police and government security forces, were killed in the capital through Friday, a drop of nearly two thirds since this year's high in February, when 520 were killed.

Who do we go to for news that there is at least one indication that the Surge is having a positive effect?

The NY Times? The WaPo? The AP? The BBC?

No... McClatchy newspapers.



Don't get us wrong. This is good news, but shouldn't be cause for celebration. 189 civilian deaths is still terrible, and things can turn around quickly. But consider what the coverage from the NYT or the BBC would be if the facts pointed to June having the highest civilian death toll in the war...


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