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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Kinda Like Looking Into The Future

For a glimpse of Kid Various' future, take a peek at this article from the NYT's Style section:

WHEREVER there are sand and suds, men who view summer as an endless frat party can be found, each with his own reason for refusing to leave the thumping pulse behind.

At a keg party on the roof deck of a house in Kismet on Fire Island on a Saturday night this month, Dave Mahony, 42, an unmarried psychologist who lives in Staten Island, said he had joined a share house because a female friend told him it was stocked with oodles of single women and few men.

As he sipped beer in the fading light of the sun disappearing behind the Fire Island Lighthouse, Mr. Mahony, whose light brown hair is flecked with gray, considered how his life had brought him here tonight, one of the oldest people in a crowd drinking Heineken from plastic cups.
"Dude...Why did you bring your Dad???"


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