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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Useful Idiots Rally A Bust

Regarding the sad display of “useful idiots” in Washington over the weekend, the thing that really pisses Kid Various off is how much attention this non-event got.

When The Kid read the papers the next morning and listened to the coverage on the radio headlines popped out like “Thousands March Against War,” “Anti-War Fervor Fills Streets” and “Massive Anti-War Rally in Capital.”

You know how many people were at that rally in DC? Somewhere over 10,000.

They may sound like a lot. But in comparison to other demonstrations commonly held down on the Mall, pro-abortion, anti-abortion, civil rights, etc – it’s paltry. Those rallies routinely get hundreds of thousands of people.

This pathetic amalgam of socialist/anarchist “revolutionaries” and 60’s throwbacks* have been organizing this event for over a month. So over a month of squeezing their supposed nationwide network to turn out the hordes of citizens angry about the Iraq campaign produced what? 10,000 people.

"Dude, why did you invite your Mom???"

Even the organizers conceded they were hoping for 100,000 (and it’s always in the organizers interests to lowball expectations.)

This rally was a BUST.

But does this get reported in the media? Do these people get exposed for the non-representative frauds that they are?

No. Of course not. They feted by the elite media as if they were somehow significant because the majority of people that make up the media want this to be a story. And so the narrative gets reinforced. “The people are against the War!”

* the word “dinosaur” has been used, but as anyone with an understanding of evolution knows, the dinosaurs were a highly successful and adaptable group of species, not like these idiots…


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