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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

It's Called Natural Selection

What the hell ever happened to Playstation?

LAWRENCE, Kan. - A teenager found hanging from a dresser drawer with a coated bicycle chain lock around her neck apparently died while playing the "pass-out game," the girl's parents said.

...Usually, the game involves one person causing another to pass out and, seconds later, reviving the unconscious peer.

"It's like anything else that creates a high or a buzz; it can lead to addictive behavior," said Dr. Paul Loney, an emergency room physician at Lawrence Memorial Hospital.

When addiction reaches the point of passing out alone, Loney said, "they're in deep trouble."

Oh yeah, they're in trouble alright. They're in trouble because they are so monumentally stupid that they don't realise that if they're alone, when the pass out, there's not going to be anyone there to revive them!

Is our society so amazingly diverse and affluent that the only thing left to entertain our youth is for them the choke each other to unconsciousness?


At Thursday, August 18, 2005 at 4:24:00 PM EDT, Blogger bj said...

Yep, naturally selecting the bad genes and cleaning up the gene pool.


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